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CD Release for Things That Matter/Fundraiser for family of Jackie Faircloth


On December 7, 2014 I started writing the song Hanging On A Prayer for Jackie Faircloth and her family....I was scheduled to go to Nashville to record a new record on December 15, 2014...so with some scrambling and fancy footwork, we got it ready and recorded it in Nashville with the band from Little Big Town.

So the record is done, and is ready to be released... I am donating without charge, 200-300 CD's which we would like to get donations of $20 each, which will go directly to Jackie's family. Checks are preferred...payable to Trust for Jackie Faircloth.... Anyway, I hope you all will make time to come, grab something to eat and support the family. Lynn Love, owner of Love’s Artifacts Bar and Grille will be donating at least 10% of the day's sales.

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About KEKO


KEKO (Keith W. Koehler) is a singer/songwriter and is different. KEKO plays diverse music including original songs, acoustic versions of contemporary pop and classic rock songs, plus contemporary country music, classic country, and even some bluegrass when warranted. It is this diversity which allows KEKO to play music that works with the crowd, even as it changes throughout the course of the event or venue, and will entertain groups of all ages. 

It is a commitment to your audience by having live music at your restaurant, club or venue. Whether you want a solo guitarist entertaining your crowd, either as upbeat and energetic, or as chill and casual, KEKO can bring that. If you want to up the ante and bring in a duo with drums, or with a second instrumentalist, vocalist, or even a trio, or up to a full band with 5 or 6 musicians, KEKO can make that happen. The limit on the entertainment package is only limited by your budget. We can provide flexibility for your event to accommodate most any setup or event. 

An entertaining musician will help hold your audience there longer, which will lead to a higher check average. Happy customers spend more money plain and simple. Whether they want to hear their favorite songs by Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, or Jason Mraz, requests are always welcomed by KEKO, and unlike many other musicians where they don't want to perform Free Bird, Brown Eyed Girl or Stairway to Heaven, with KEKO, the customer is always right and no songs are off limits. KEKO is always focused on getting the right mix of music for your restaurant, club, bar or private event, that will make your customers the happiest. 

Starting out as a child playing classical violin, KEKO quickly realized his love was not classical music. However, that classical violin training became the road to playing bluegrass and old time fiddle music. KEKO started playing at Skeeter's Big Biscuits Restaurant in Gainesville, Florida. His parents Bill and Barbara Koehler, owned a music store in Gainesville ("Strictly Music") and so his family was surrounded by music all the time, including the once a month weekend pickin' party and weekends at music festivals. Keith owns a busy CPA practice, and is married. They have a house full of children of all ages, and have made music a part of everyone's busy lives. 

Keith performs with Olson guitars, uses John Pearse strings, and is a collector of Martin and hand built guitars.